A Post (of sorts)

Hi folks,

In my effort to be a tagalong, I went and copied Jessica. Meet Rosemary and Daisy:

They are very sweet, although Rosemary (the white one) is the outgoing one. She talks and twists her neck all around Exorcist-style and is generally a ham. Daisy (the red one) is much more timid, but when she comes to give you kisses, oh man, her nose is so velvety soft! At night they just bed down under the smoke tree and snooze. I can't think of a better way to clear a backyard of brush. Speaking of which, this is the backyard yesterday morning, pre-goats:

And this is the backyard this morning, after half a day of goat goodness:

I know the difference in the photos is subtle, but believe me, the difference on the ground is NOT. These little ladies have done amazing things in the last 18 hours!

And now, some gratuitous baby photos: