Maude's Facelift: Semi-conclusion

Hey folks,

Hope your Thanksgiving was all kinds of wonderful. We hosted this year and I managed to make an entirely gluten-free meal. Cornbread stuffing, GF challah bread (so good!), gravy and pies and I could eat them all. O Gluttony! You are my mistress! And because the Moms were coming in to town, we had to finish Maude's bathroom facelift. To refresh your memory, this was Maude before:

In the beginning, I thought we would be able to replace the sink and also the tub fixtures. I was only half on the mark. But we learned lots of good stuff like how to repair a crumbling plaster wall:

How to remove a giant-ass old mirror that never should have been in there in the first place:

What crackheads used to live in our house that they attached that mirror to the medicine cabinet with these screws (I shit you not, my friends):

And when to call in the professionals:

According to the plumber, the crackheads had at one point tossed a silica gel pack down the bathroom sink. Over the years it hardened and no amount of snaking by our valiant friend Tom or the expen$ive plumber would remove it. So we nuked and paved. Maude's downstairs bathrom now looks like this:

While we were at it, we also added a mirror to the upstairs bathroom. Just because we are all schmoopy, the mastic under the mirror looks like this:

We totally accept that we are giant nerds. But now we have another finished and beautiful bathroom!

Lastly, because it is now sealed and done and my offer letter signed, I can now boastfully announce that I am an Amazon.com employee! Wooooooot! I start in a few weeks (as soon as they establish I am not a felon) and I couldn't be happier. After the difficulty of the last six months not working, I am flipping ECSTATIC to be getting out of the house for the purpose of making money once again.

Ah, life is good! Oh, and I've been knitting. :)


Oh seriously!

It has been almost a month since my last post. That would be pathetic had I not actually done something in that time. Knitting? Yes! Spinning? You betcha! Home improvement? Mais, bien sur mes amis!

Along with all the Christmas knitting (So. Much. Knitting.) I started a sweater for myself and finished a hat and gauntlets. Which I think should be spelled "gauntlettes" because that is frankly more feminine and lovely. So! In the spinning quarter, we have about 300 yards of Mimi spun and plied:

She was utterly useless for the Weekend Pullover by Veronik Avery, so she will be a traditional cabled Aran instead. Which I am just as excited about. Now I just have to spin eleventy kajillion more yards at the same gauge. Oh boy! Also, spun some sock yarn from roving I dyed a while ago:

This is just about 100 yards, unfortunately. But the colors are extraordinary and I could definitely see myself with a pair of socks in this colorway. Maybe I should dye up some more (enough to actually make a pair of socks from the same dye lot even!).