A note on the solstice

As most of you know, the summer solstice was yesterday (the date I was originally intending to post this, but I was riveted by my business law lecture. No, I am not joking). *Anyway*, in my pre-Knitting Frenzy I always dreaded the summer solstice. It signaled to me that the winter was closer than ever and that all of the hot weather yet to come was almost disingenuous in its heat; it would be followed by cold and darkness no matter what we did. This thought haunted every lazy summer day at the beach, on vacation, or driving around with friends.

Now, however, summer solstice is my favorite day of the year. Since becoming a Seattleite about 8 years ago I have come to hate the heat of summer (a mere 80 degrees if we're especially unlucky) and spend most of July and August fervently wishing that we won't have an Indian Summer that year. In relation to the Knitting Frenzy, summer solstice signals a countdown to the best new yarns, cozy patterns and a return to reason for the knitting magazines. I look forward to sumptuously soft snuggly designs, to hours spent in front of the fire, my needles clicking away, to the long dark days that make it easy to stay indoors sketching that next sweater.

So welcome, summer! Hurry up and get the hell over with so I can get back to some serious knitting.