Lordy lordy lordy

Wow has this last week been a whirlwind!

Tuesday/Wednesday = $#@$!&^ finals.

Thursday = Mike and Casey came up to visit and deliver dear sweet Phoebe's fiber for spinning into laceweight. Thanks for trusting me with this Casey, I'll do right by your bunny. We had a great time going to the dog park and found a fantastic Thai place that satisfied my GF diet and their vegehoovian tendancies and all was grand!

Friday = Up at 5:45am to do wedding flowers. This is the result:

Saturday = A blank. I have no idea what I did... Oh yeah, I had to go to class for the courses I'm taking in Italy. And then I had to go to "Festa" where we all tasted wine (none of which I liked; they were all way too acidic) and there was no gluten free food. Yum! So Jon and I went out to dinner later instead and we saw Little Miss Sunshine. I laughed, I cried, but really, I mainly cried. That movie is NOT your typical comedy.

Sunday = I rode and then went to the dog park with my friend M. and then we did one of our last GF/no-dairy cookathons before she moves to the Bay Area at the end of August. Turns out that lemon bars translate incredibly well to suit our weird GI tracts! We let Jon have a lemon bar and then M. and I attacked the 9x9 pan with a fork each and demolished our delicious effort. You know you've got a good friend when you don't even bother with plates and midway through the sugar craze, you mutually decide that the topping is better than the crust and proceed to scrape all the topping off and leave the crust. :)

Monday = Lunch and a "Cruisers and Crawlers" (which I keep accidentally calling "Creepers and Crawlers") group with my other friend M. for a b-day cause celebre. C'etait fantastique! Merci Mme. M!

Today = Mass craziness working toward getting packed to go up to my Mom's place in Canada for a week. So I'll be gone, knitting and seeing my favorite wool producer, Joy Shipway, on Cortes Island. As usual, I have an extremely optimistic 2 projects along for the ride (A Phildar tank and a Phildar cardi, I know, I'm insane). I'll be back next Tuesday rested and relaxed.*