Not Quite a New Year

Hi folks,

So we're about to start another new year, eh? I'm busy spending my New Year's Eve in the ER (been here since 11am) getting tested for everything under the sun. Right now, we're leaning toward appendicitis. However, blogging from the ER? TOTALLY AWESOME! As it turns out, since I am an alum of the university that this hospital is connected to, I retain my old username and password and still (6 years later) have access to wifi. It's completely sweet!

So, the holidays are over and that means I can finally show you what I was working on for the past three months:

O.M.G. The socks.

I actually had this many more left to do at the time of that pic:

Baby hats thrown in for good measure

And folks? I am NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. Ever. Not even if the Pope AND Jesus AND the Dalai Lama AND Ghandi asked me. It's just never gonna happen. I love each and every person that I made custom footwear for, but shit man, I'm not sure if I love them all *this* much.

And now, with that, I will leave you to your merriment. I am due for another CT scan in about 5 minutes (or another half hour, god knows the ER is slow as molasses). I will certainly let y'all know how this turns out.

Happy New Year!