Hi Folks!

Well, this is the second iteration of this blog. This morning I went through all of my old, broody posts and deleted them. This is now a knitting blog, y'all! (Although I reserve the right to totally talk about my life outside knitting as it is filled with excitement! and fun!) I have joined the masses and will finally post about all of the lovely things that I make whenever I have a free moment and my hands are not occupied with luscious yarn.

I will post later about the fantastic Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Fleece Artist and Crystal Palace Kid Mohair I bought this weekend (and what they'll turn into). I have about 73245798634698374967972345920938845 projects going right now, so there's lots to write about!

Now, off to school (where, duh, I knit while recording the lecture)...