I am a knitting nutball

Okay, seriously? I have too many projects going right now. I am in complete WIP paralysis. Let me run them down for you, eh?

First up is yummy natural brown chunky wool sweater. This sweater will never get done. Ever. It was the first thing I started. I actually got the yarn from the woman who owns the Romney X herd whose wool it is and then spins it herself. I was vacationing with my family on Cortes Island, BC and I happened to notice these beautiful skeins of luscious chocolate brown wool in a local craft shop. I asked where I could get more and was given the phone number of Joy Shipway. Joy invited me down to the farm where I met these darlings:

And then I created this from their wool:

I will never finish this. I was originally going to do a celtic knot adapted from the Viking Turid pattern in "The Best of Knitters Arans & Celtics" but that looked crappy. So I ripped out the front and am going to go for a big braid up the middle. It doesn't look like much now, but hoo boy! I had grand dreams for this yarn INDEED.

Next up is the Impossibly Complicated Baby Sweater. I have been knitting this for a month now and I need to finish it before November when the impending baby's mom will be having her baby shower. It is a Sirdar pattern, and while I usually like them, this one is driving me nuts.

See? I have a hell of along way to go. I can't even imagine how I am going to make an entire sweater out of this tiny tiny yarn. Jesus, I must be really nuts. But wait! My yarn-induced psychosis! It goes deeper! I have this set of three "curly" scarves to knit out of Crystal Palace Kid Mohair before Christmas. The pattern ends up being 720 stitches and let me tell you, folks, that is a LOT of binding off to do.

I have 4 (or more) projects to outline. More insanity tomorrow (when I will show you the most tempting yarn in my stash, and no, it is not the beautiful red Fleece Artist Handmaiden kit I have waiting in there).