Weekend Knitting

I always find that the weekend is a time when I get in over my head with my knitting and spinning (not that I can really spin all that well yet). On saturday morning I awake full of creative vigor, just waiting to finish a project/start a project/design a project/dye a pound of roving/spin a hundred yards of 1-ply, etc. I then go to my riding lesson (yes, I know I'm spoiled, please don't bother to point it out) and come home with half the day gone and frantic to get started creating.

The problem is that I never make any progress. I end up casting on something and knitting an inch of it while thinking of the 12,000 other things I wanted to do with fiber in my short 48 hours of freedom. It's distracting and ultimately rather, well, unproductive.

This weekend, however, I actually started *and* finished a project. It's the Dreadlock Poncho using Fleece Artist "Dreadlocks" in colorway "Origins". I'm not entirely thrilled with the color of it, but I am completely thrilled by the idea that I have finished something for once in my scattered life.

To be fair to myself, I knit a baby hat (with a darling leaf attached to its top stem) in Cashmerino during the baby shower I hosted last Sunday, but do you know how long a hat in size "Newborn" takes? Not a real sense of accomplishment there... I love the book "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson for the sole reason that I can start and finish her projects in a few days. Nevermind the fact that I never actually *gift* them to anyone.

(Side note: I was trying to think of a present to give one of my very best friends for Christmas and I was so desperate that I actually considered opening up my stash and letting her choose a yarn that she'd like me to make something out of. About 15 minutes before she arrived at my house, I ran down the street to the bookstore to buy an alternate gift because I just could not bear to part with any my stash yarn. Yes I am selfish and hoard-y. Shut up.)

Okay, enough of this rambling entry. Next project up? A felted circular needle holder. I'm knitting it without a pattern; wish me luck.