The Deal

Okay party people, here's the deal: I don't add photos to my blog because I am scared to death of Flickr. I know, I am completely pathetic (especially since I am married to a web developer, and because I work for a software company, and because I just bought myself a new top-o-the-line computer [Dual Core Intel iMac] yesterday, etc etc, lots of other techy reason for patheticy).

I've been doing lots of homework and knitting. I've also been feeling ill (again) which I think is a perfectly valid reason to have a temper tantrum and go out and buy yourself a new computer. My husband, he who is in love with the New Toy, thinks so as well. I could barely get my home work done last night after he came home from work because he was busy watching movie trailers and exclaiming every 10 seconds "Your computer is FAST!".

So my resolution today is that I will spend my finance class (we are having some boring speaker dude) figuring out how to easily post pictures so this will not be such a boring 'blog. It's really a self-serving goal since The Impossibly Complicated Baby Sweater is *still* not done, and I can't figure out what the hell the pattern is saying and I am beginning to suspect that the baby it is intended for is waiting for his knitting to be done before he makes his debut (which is really unfair to his mama...) and I need outside HELP.