I've finished the Impossibly Complicated Baby Sweater just in the nick of time. My dear friend E. is contracting as I type this, ready to welcome her son into the world. And he will have knitting! After much freaking out and brow-furling, I have deciphered the unncessarily complicated Sirdar 1555 Sweater and Hat pattern. I made some changes but didn't document them because *I* will not be knitting this pattern again and I think it would be a crime against the knitting community if I published changes that somehow make this pattern work. No knitter, regardless of how masochistic they are, deserves the pain of this pattern.

So, we went from this:

To this:

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Note the dizzying pattern:

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But it has truly beautiful buttons:

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I have been knitting on this sweater for 5 months and I can't actually believe it's done. I actually called my dear friend about 3 seconds after I cut the last end after tucking it in and exclaimed "The knitting's done! You can have the baby now!".