Knitting Schizophrenia

Life has been a little ridiculous lately. E. had her darling son last Tuesday and he and mom are happy and healthy and just beautiful. It always makes me tear up when a new baby comes to my circle of friends; they are so wonderful and new and soft. It's great to be able to watch my friends just glow with their happiness. Marriages are reinforced, new bonds with their friends and family are forged, it's a beautiful time.

Okay, that's enough of the schmaltz, I'm such a damn sap. On to the fiber!

I've been spinning lately... Yes, it's bad bad bad. I got an Ashford Traditional Scotch Tension Single Treadle (sheesh! so many specifications!) wheel for Christmas, and I had my first spinning class at The Weaving Works last Saturday morning. I thought I would love it and I *totally* did. A guest post series on dying roving by Laurie on Yarn Harlot was what drove me to spinning. That entire dye series was so beautifully done and compelling that I just had to try it for myself. Here is a pic of the first dye lot (Corriedale top, for those who care):

The green and brown is the Corriedale, the red/blue is Icelandic and the big Ball O' White is Clun.

So, drumroll please, here is the first bobbin of homespun from the Corriedale (the bottom bobbin):

The middle is the (badly spun) Clun and the top bobbin is the Wensleydale from my spinning class.

The Icelandinc is now on the wheel and although it is far more challenging to spin (the fibers are longer and they don't stick together as well):

I am totally in love with the colors in this yarn. It's like a desert sunset and I just sing every time I spin some of it up. Just in case anyone wants to know, I use Cushings acid dyes.

K, time to run off to watch Lost!