I'm a bad bad blogger. Still daunted by the process of posting, I have been neglecting Midnattgry. I apologize, really, I do.

There are a million pictures to post, but I'm currently on the wrong computer. (I'll post them to this post later tonight). I spent the entire weekend dyeing pounds of roving, spinning, and knitting the Lace Leaf Sweater as my Olympics project. While it's a really quick knit, the lace leaf chart in the book is sorts of screwed up. I ended up revising it a different way each of the three times I knit it. It was pretty ridiculous. I now have only half a sleeve to go and then I start grafting (a big challenge for me) and assembling (I also suck at that). I've knit it in Misti Bulky Alpaca in this beautiful merlot color. Everyone else seems to choose green or blue for this sweater and while I really wanted to do it in teal (the LYS was 2 skeins short), the merlot is really quite stunning.

This weekend, I am heading out to Crossfire Hill Farms (look! I made a link! I didn't tell you to Google it like a lazy, lazy slothful ho!) for their annual fleece sale. I'm gonna get me a fleece! I'm looking for a nice gray of a decent size (which for me means big enough to felt at least a third of it in the first washing mishap and then still have enough left over to make a sweater). Their Corriedales look big, well-coated and the farm is near enough to my house that I am reallyreallyreally excited about dragging my husband out to an island on a cold and rainy sunday to look at sheep and the fleece thereof. I promise to take lots of pictures and actually post them, how's *that*?!

Life in general lately has been rather uneventful, I suppose. I've been kinda bummed with work, but excited and challenged at school, so at least there's a balance. Mario and I are doing well with our riding lessons (he's such a giant dork, when I turn him out with his best friend Doc, you would never guess that they were 22 and 18, respectively). The doglet is having an acid reflux problem, we think. He keeps gagging like he's choking on something, but I can't find anything in his throat (either from the inside or the outside) and he licks his lips like a fiend while he's coughing.

I'm also thinking of forming a Northwest Spinning Guild. Even though I am new to spinning, it seems like an activity I could handle. There isn't currently a guild in the NW, and I think that's a low-down dirty crying shame, since there are obviously so many spinners up here (how else can you explain 3 of the 4 main LYS's carrying a wide range of rovings?). Not that anyone is reading this (I would never *presume*), but if you are and you are in the NW and would like t form a guild, drop me a comment and let's get this sucker rolling!


(The next day....) Here are the pics I promised!

The beauteous "Quince and Daffs" celebration of spring colorway:

Here it is in my cat-proof storage box:

My Lace Leaf sweater from Loop-d-Loop, the bestest Olympic knitting project I ever did pick:

Sign that you May Need A Swift and Ball-Winder; STAT!