Cheapskate Niddy Noddy

Hey y'all, I thought I would take a break from my busy day of school and pullng my eyelashes out one by one to bring you a cheap and easy-to-make-yourself niddy noddy alternative. I know that you are crafty, so this really shouldn't be any big revelation (but I still thought it complicated enough to take pictures of every single stop. Yay pendantry!).

K, so take an ordinary pants hanger from the dry cleaner:

I know, my couch cushions need some new fabric. It's a really pretty modern couch, just someone made an incorrect upholstery decision some years back. Those are ratty old saddle pad pieces that my cats use as a bed as well. I'm all about the class at my house.

Then disconnect the rod from it (this may take some tugging):

You should now have this (pendantry, you are my mistress):

Bend the edges up to make a holder area (if you have pliers, you can bend those hook-y ends in so that they don't catch, but it's pretty hard to do just with your bare hands and we're bare hands kind of folk here at Midnattgry Acres). You should also bend the hangy part in so that it's easier to wind the yarn/singles onto it (they catch otherwise and it becomes annoying *really* quick):

I've only got one end bent here so for to show zee steps better. Now they multiply!

And now we wind the skein! I prefer to steam my yarn instead of full-on wet blocking and these hanger niddy noddies are great for that because they seem to disperse heat very well.

And that is all for today. Tune in next time when I tediously teach people to do something else.