Wheelless (It's a word, I swear)

I have lent out my wheel to get my friend E. addicted to spinning post-haste. It is going well so far; she has spun almost an entire bobbin and I've left her with half a pound of Clun and an ounce each of Merino, Corriedale, Blue-faced Leicester and some hand-dyed Finn. I am an evil devil who is trying to lift ~$400 from her husband's wallet. I can't be stopped! Muwuhahaha.

All that to say I'm rather bored. Finals are this week and next week, so school is occupying a lot of my time. Work has been particularly trying lately (oh well) and I come home gritting my teeth most days. Thank god I have a wonderful husband who never seems to run out of hugs, kisses and back rubs. Yes, he's awesome and no, you can't have him; he's mine.

I finished a scarf in the My So-Called Scarf stitch pattern. It is rather awesome, if I do say so myself. Looky looky:

I can't find the label for the yarn right now, but my review of it is that it is pretty but scratchy and overpriced.

I have also cast on Rogue in Cashmerino color Grass. I need a challenging knit right now to take my mind off the suckage that is my job. I'm frustrated and when I get frustrated I get ambitious (that is how I roped myself into going to grad school...). I think Rogue is a perfectly appropriate choice. Experienced cables? No problem. Bring it ON, bitches!