I'm okay you're okay

The tests turned out okay. There is definitely stuff that I need to address, but the biopsies that were taken don't look like the C-word (although I'll know for sure tomorrow). I might even be able to grow up and just call it cancer. I really wasn't expecting to feel as sick as I did after the tests though. They sedate you into unconsciousness and as it turns out, that is tough to recover from. Who knew? Certainly not me, as the last time I was sedated I was 16 and having my wisdom teeth broken out of my head. It was a fun time. Really.

So I have spent the last two days recovering. And my little doglet kept me company being a good and sleepy 2-year old the entire time. I was really impressed. Animals just seem to know, you know? It's high time I show you a picture of Oslo (this is his favorite napping position):

God my dog is cute!

Rogue is coming along really well. I may very well be in love. I'm 2/3 of the way up the body (12 rows left before I split for the armholes). This may even be a sweater that I would knit again. I'm planning on finishing it this weekend when we are out at our friends' cabin on the Sound. E. and M. will be there (we're bringing the boys, all 5 of them, too) and we'll be cozy as little bugs in rugs. Hopefully we can take time to spin and knit and chat and I can snuggle with my two most favorite babies in the world, little N. and C.. We'll be leaving the dogbaby at home, though, because although he loves the beach, he is a bit of a terror when there's lots of wool around.