This promises to be a very geeky post, so buckle your geekbelts. Oh my, I'm off to a wonderful start.

A little while ago, Jon was plugging along at his job as a web developer working through some particularly terrible legacy code. Being that he is a genius, he thought that all this wasted time on legacy code was silly, so he set about rallying the troops to design a new framework for all their pages. He dubbed his pet framework DNA and fought to get it implemented on all the company's sites. He eventually succeeded (why do people fight innovation so?) and last Friday they had a DNA party for Hug A Dev Day.

To celebrate the occasion, I made him this:

A blurrier look (I think you can see the cables better):

Jon showed off the pictures at work on Friday (the scarf was still at home blocking) and it was a hit. I was advised to "pick a number" that I would be willing to create. I am now on the hook for 6 more.