Postcard from the Western Isles

I am using the internet from a public library in Stornoway, Lewis Island, Western Isles. It is so completely beautiful up here I can barely even believe it! White sand beaches stretching for miles with water so turquoise you would think you were in the Carribean. We thought we would be stuck here on Sunday because the entire island shuts down for the Sabbath, but we lucked out due to a change in the ferry schedule. We're having corgeous 70+ degree weather and clear; no rain to speak of!

I also have no phone service to speak of, so you'll have to wait for the pictures...

The wool has been excellent, but people really don't process their own wool the way we do in the states, it's rather surprising. Also, knitting is falling out of favor among the youngsters and it's not nearly as in vogue as it is at home. However, I have been able to tour two natural dye studios and have bought enough wool (you'll see it later, I promise). I'm sure I'll run into a shop that has *just* the thing I need, though... :) I bought tweed this morning at Castaway Crafts in Tarbert, Harris Island and hand-dye from Soay Studios just outsode of Tarbert. I'll post the links when I have a chance!

I'm honestly not sure if I'll be able to post again until I get home, but I promise days and days of photos. The sheep are everywhere and we're here a month after lambing season so baby everythyings are running around cute as buttons. It's really just too perfect.

More later! Signing off...