Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning, I depart for the Land of Wool. I have spent all day preparing; packing, doing laundry, frantically weeding my garden lest the weeds overwhelm the house, making lists and checking them twice, chasing off morbid thoughts of Jon and my last moments together, calling Mom and assembling the projects to go on the plane.

Now, I know that I am going to a place where there is lots and lots (and lots) of yarn, possibly every which way I turn. But there's this little knitter phenomenon called the Stash, and where once I thought that the Stash was stationary and usually limited to one's house, I now know that the Stash is mobile. Very definitely mobile. It was hard (too hard) to decide what to bring with me, but here it is:

That's the yarn for five (yes 5) pairs of socks. Can I knit 5 pairs of socks in 13 days? No, probably not. But that is not the point!! I have choice! I also managed to bring about 15 (not exaggerating) patterns as well as technique pages xeroxed out of my favorite books (so that I need not lug my library as well...). You can also see my Nano and a whole huge sack of gluten-free snack bars and hot cereal. If I didn't feel so darn good, I would truly hate the diet I have to follow... Anyhoo, I'm off to bed and then to the airport at 8:15am. Next post: Edinburgh!