New Week New Post

I'm sitting in my most crazy, insanely boring macroecon class right now. This last week I decreased further off my medication which made me even more unstable than I usually am, but my whole depressive state was compounded by the first anniversary of my dad's death this past Sunday. My best friend was in town from San Francisco and it was really only the activities that we had planned that kept my mind off it. We had a beautiful lunch on overlooking Seattle. Left to right: me, T. and J.

Can you believe this view? Me neither!

But she left, much too quickly!!, on Sunday afternoon and The Mope descended. Jon has spent the last few days renting comedies to take my mind off things (note: do not rent the Nathan Lane/Matthew Broderick remake of The Producers; it sux majorly and stuff).

So, in lieu of more depressing stories of depression, have some pet photos! Being that I am home a lot more these days, I have been catching the pets in various hilarious states of repose.

I was in the spare bedroom closet when I heard a sound.

Can you find the Heidi?

There she is! The most hilarious thing is that this is the view from her Heidi-hole (that sounds vaguely dirty, but I swear it's not):

That's right; it's my stash. She swears she was just keeping an eye on it, not plotting what to bring as an offering to us in the dead of night. I also took advantage of Wednesday afternoon to re-cover the couch with my dear friend E.

Huxley, however, thought that I was making a bed especially for him. At least *he* likes the old cushions (blech!).

Today, though, he picked up my Missing J. Vibe and took a lengthy snuggle in the guest bed. Meanwhile Oslo was nonplussed:

He does, however, like the new throwpillows from Cost Plus very much.

I swear that I will be back to my vibrant ridiculous self soon. There have been too many uninteresting, mopey entries lately (or lack thereof). The knitting has been progressing and I just got the remainder of the yarn I bought from Shlasdair Yarn (the Skye Yarn Company) yesterday and was dismayed to find that it wouldn't work for the sweater I wanted it to. So I am currently looking for a new project. If anyone has any ideas for a worsted weight yarn (600g) please do let me know. I'd like an expandable (read: not too fitted) comfy fall/winter sweater.

Oh and I almost forgot! I hosted a marvelus Stitch n' Bitch on Saturday in honor of J.'s visit. We had a grand old time and the girls helped me to fix a problem with my WIP Jaywalkers. Thanks ladies! I hope to make the SnB happen every month. It's a great chance for us all to get together and help each other out. I taught a yarn virgin how to knit and another dear friend, R., helped out. The kicker was that I had also taught R. to knit. She knits while waiting for raids in World of Warcraft to start (it takes awhile for 40+ people to get organized). I think that's just so neat; we're all helping each other and spreading the joy of wool. It's like a new kind of social disease! :)