Quick! Alert the Press!

I'm posting for the second time in a week! OMG! The reason of today's post is this:

That's right; new baby birds! Jon is livid because of what, I don't know, but he is wishing that the nest had been removed. What I love about his position is that *he*, the person who doesn't like the birds, is somewhow excused from being the one to remove the nest. I figure since he doesn't want them there, he should have removed the nest. I like the birds, so I didn't. And now we have a new batch of baby birdies on the way.

I have been spinning lately, and struggling with self-patterning yarn. I wish the stupid yarn came with a simple "cast on this many stitches" instruction. As it is, I usually have to start and rip a few times to get the stripes right. Harumph!

I do have an almost-finished pair of Jaywalkers in Koigu, though. These are the ones that the girls helped me out with on Sat.

I love this colorway, but I wish Koigu would name them (like Socks that Rock and other cool companies do) so that we could keep them straight. It's hard to memorize a number and even harder to describe the color!

And lastly, Oslo in repose: