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First let me inform all my tens of readers (shamelessly stolen from Skot at Izzlepfaff who is a very very funny man) that my birthday is only 7 days away. Being that I had such a completely shit year last year, I intend for this next year to be fucking awesome in every possible way.

I also expect gifts of yarn.


On the 23rd we went here. And yes, it was completely awesome. Althought it was hotter than hell out in the Gorge, I passed the time knitting and listening to my favorite band and that made it much more like heaven. I just found out that PJ will be in Italy for five tour dates during the two weeks in September that I'm in Italy for school. I will have to see them or I will never forgive myself.

At the show I made this much progress on the Lotus Flower tank:

However, just when I was really hitting a groove with the LFT (Lotus Flower Tank), the Fall Interweave Knits arrived. Blast ye, yarn gods!! The remainder of the Shilasdair yarn came on the 18th, so I was forced, FORCED to look for a project for the 600g of madder-dyed yarn I had purchased. This is what I came up with:

A one-third finished Sienna Cardigan. If I actually have enough yarn for this, it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to change the sleeve cuffs though. The original pattern has just rolled cuffs, which seems silly with all the beautiful ribbing around the bottom. I'll probably substitute 4 inch 2x2 rib cuffs.

Two days ago, we went to this hilarious annual event:

The Lundefest! 20+ identical fox-like primitive dogs running around sniffing each other's butts. (Oslo is in the back making faces with Jon.) The Lundehund is an independent breed descended from a primitive dog population in the outer western islands of Norway and used for centuries to hunt puffins. When in large groups, they are even more ridiculous than that description could possibly let you imagine. The above picture is cute, but mass quantities of Lundies can only sit still for about 2 seconds. This was the group as it dissolved:

The Fest includes agility events and a beauty contest with prizes like "Most ridiculous toes" and "Best ear folds". Oslo won "Best white collar". Which made me very very proud, I am ashamed to admit. They also have a race.

That's Oslo on the far right at the start of the race. I take no responsibility for pointing out the obvious here: Jon looks like a Backstreet Boy in this photo. He was also mistaken for Justin Long, the Mac guy at our local Apple Store the other night. To the U Village Apple Store employees: You made my husband's week. Thank you.

I leave you this week with the warning that I am about to hit finals, have two papers due and lost the needles necessary to make the mate to this sock: