Poo on finals week!

Tomorrow, along with being my 26th birthday, I have a major macroeconomics final with both a take-home portion and a paper and presentation of said paper due. And the next day I have a law paper due and a final in my business law class. Fuck finals week in the summer, y'all. In between study sessions, though, I have had some time to make more of the Sienna Cardi from IK F2006. It's turning out really really well!

I've got the front and back and the cuff of an arm done. So I'd guesstimate that I'm about 2/3 done. Woot!

On Friday I went to the first meeting of the Seattle Spinners group that meets at the Fiber Gallery in Phinney Ridge on the first friday of the month. It was great fun; I really enjoyed the group and the store is one that I want to spend MUCH more time in... I took my North Ronaldsay carded top from the Woolshed on Orkney and spun this up:

Although it is soft and interesting and wonderful, I am pretty happy I didn't buy more because me and this type of fleece do NOT get along. The stuff sticks together, doesn't draft nicely, is neppy and breaks constantly. The novelty value is high, but I will be very very glad when I am done spinning it.

And I have also been homemakering along. Behold, the power of jam!