Bah Humbug! (Is it too late for that?)

Hi folks,

I have been trying to get this post written for 4 days now. And so far, that's been a wonderful creative process. Except that it hasn't at all. So! We've had a little inclement weather lately. My part-time work schedule allows me to do wonderful things like take mid-morning walks with my hunny and dogbaby after a snowfall:

And knit:

A baby hat for a co-worker's impending baby girl. Finally! A girl!

The beginnings of Samus

And spin!

Two more skeins of Mimi (BFL about 300 yards total) and some two-ply Coopworth X

The many colors of Ella Jean the llama in laceweight

Just in case you weren't clear on the concept of "laceweight". Jebus!

So that's the haps in my neck of the woods. The health thing is still a little ill-defined to say the least. My GI doc is 75% behind the theory that I caught a weird virus that attacked my nervous system. (We humans have lots of neurotransmitter receptors in our digestive tract which is how he proposes that my guts got involved). The other 25% theory is that I have something else. This theory is based on a blood test that shows I had systemic inflammation when I went into the ER. I got another blood test on Friday and if that level is still elevated or even higher then my doc is packing me off to the rheumatologist. Thing is, I don't want any part of the things that rheumatologists deal in. So let's hope it's not that.