There is nothing quite so violating as being robbed. In the middle of the night. In your house. While you are sleeping.

Last night some jackass broke into our house, stole my purse (including a half-knitted pair of Jaywalkers in color "jungle"), my wallet, my company laptop (stupid thief, the thing knows how to call home), and my backpack (including a mostly finished baby hat). Fortunately, he didn't get anything of real value (just my identity). But he did rob us of our sense of security, and that is unforgivable. Fortunately, I have an understanding boss who told me to take what time I need to get this all sorted out. So I went out and got a new cell phone, a new driver's license, shut down all my bank accounts and trust accounts, cancelled a series of checks, notified the three credit bureaus to put a fraud alert on my account (that way if anyone tries to do anything with my information, they need to have access to a PIN that only I have and made up this morning and the bank must notify me of any action taken), notified social security to put a fraud alert on my account, got a new ID badge for work, changed all our locks, got a new deadbolt, installed a chain on the basement door, locked all the windows downstairs with new kinds of locks and put a charlie bar in the sliding glass door downstairs.

That fucker messed with the wrong techies.

We're installing a security system including motion sensor lights, a camera and a siren later this week. The system even calls us to notify us of a breach.

That fucker messed with the wrong family.

Now I just need to recover my sense of optimism for the people of this world. Any stories about the good part of humanity you would like to share; now's the time...