The Reveal

What in the world could possibly make me stay away from knitting, spinning and my blog for almost a whole month?

I've been sick. Really sick. It's sapped my strength, made work hard and school even harder. My finance grade is pretty abysmal at this point and an important document at work that I have been working on is half a month late. Remember that neurological virus? Turns out it was actually the World's Oldest Illness and we will be adding a new two-legged family member to our formerly four-legged-only brood in early September.

I know, it was a bit of a shock to me as well, let me tell *you*! Not that we hadn't been trying, but we were on a "break", for goddsakes! As it turns out, my Sex Ed teacher in 8th grade was right: It only takes once!

For all the surprise, we are completely ecstatic. This little person certainly chose some interesting timing, but s/he is the most welcome surprise I've ever had. Now if only the little Bloblet(te) would stop demanding coolwhip and/or slices of cheese at all hours of the night!