Clearly, it's time for an update!

Hi there party people,

It's been a long time, eh? I've mostly emerged from the Land of Fatigue and Nausea (which is decidedly the opposite of the Land of Milk and Honey). The famed second trimester energy surge didn't just turn on at 12 weeks like so many people swear it does, instead it was like a very slow veil lifting. I'd have good morning, then a good morning and afternoon, then a terrible day or a hard night. Rinse and repeat for 3 weeks. Now that we're at week 17, I am starting to consistently feel better but I still have off afternoons and evenings.

With more energy comes knitting (and spinning! but I'll save that for another post). Some of it is secret (for a friend's little bubby due very soon indeed!) But I did start a Baby Surprise Jacket in Art Yarn supermerino. This is the only pic I have:

Please note that the color of the yarn does not indicate the gender of the baby; if it's sporting a hotdog, this sweater will go to a hamburger-sporting baby. You'll know on April 27th, just like us.

I have actually knit about half of the stupid sweater, but it's been confusing and I am clearly going to run out of yarn. I've been trying to figure out how the pattern works so that I can fix it, but I am having no luck at all.

I also bought the makings for the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca 27. Please make a note of how that link is to a help forum. This jacket has the WORST directions this side of anywhere and is frustrating beyond belief. I soldier on purely because my belly will be So. Damn. Cute. in it. Speaking of The Belly, wanna see it?

This is 16 weeks and swear on a stack of Bibles and other holy stuff that I am not sticking it out!

Being that I actually LOST 8 pounds during my first trimester, I am not quite sure how I am "this big" at 16 weeks. This photo was taken right after I told work about the pregnancy, which was secret before that. Hiding *that* bump was ridiculously arduous. I pulled all the sitcom actress tricks (giant sweatshirts, standing behind lamps, carrying around manila folders, etc.). It feels good to finally be "out and proud"!

Hm, it seems that for all my promise of knitting going on I have very little to actually show you for it, eh? Maybe I should actually take some pictures next time!