Demoralizing Cry*

Rather than leave you, my faithful 2 readers, in the dark about the test results: they came back borderline. I "failed" with a blood sugar level of 141 (acceptable is 130 or 140 and below, depending on your doctor). Over 200 is bad bad bad. So you can see that I'm a long way from 200, and for that I am glad. Only 1/3 of women who fail the 1-hour test end up having gestational diabetes, so there is a really good chance that I am totally fine.

However, I still have to take the "3-hour test" which involves fasting for 12 hours beforehand (this just seems cruel to do to a pregnant woman, doesn't it?) then having your fasting blood level taken, then drinking TWICE the amount of glucose as the last test (100g for those of you playing along at home), then having 3 more blood draws every hour for the following three hours. YAY!!

Since the 50g of glucose made me feel so damn good on a *full* stomach, I can't wait to see my body's reaction to twice the amount of glucose on a totally empty stomach. Apparently a common reaction is to throw up.

Next time: knitting and stuff.

*I have been playing far too much WoW.