In a Rainbow State of Mind

Hi folks,

Lately, my yarn purchases have taken a somewhat similar bent. To wit:

STR mediumweight in Puck's Mischief.

Mega Boots Strecth in colorway AWESOME! I mean, uh, 710.

I recently dug this out of some very deep depths of my stash:


And I finally got around to spinning the rest of the singles for my Mom's North Ronaldsay sweater with handspun colorwork:

I really have no idea where I could have possibly have gotten the idea. Maybe I was spurred on by something. Well, whatever it is, I seem to have caught it also. I want to see rainbows in everything, which is unfortunate for the impending child since he's a boy and all. As Jessica helpfully pointed out at our spinning group meeting this evening, he won't be able to undress himself until he's 2 or 3, so I have until then to dress him however the hell I please. Rainbows it is!