Don't Get All Hopeful...

...as I'm sure this won't last.

I've been sitting on my ass al day on the couch nursing a headcold. Given to me by my darling son who, in all honesty, has had it much worse than me and managed to keep a much better attitude. How is it that babies do that? I mean, how do they not act like, oh, babies, when they're sick? He also has a huge spot of cradle cap on the back of his head that began weeping a couple of days ago, yet when I clean it out and put antibacterial ointment on it, he doesn't even flinch. I think we've probably got the whole "Don't act like such a baby" insult entirely wrong. It should be "Don't act like such a 14-year-old" because, let's face it, that has to be one of the worst years of any human's life.

Back to sitting on my ass all day: I have been doing it. So Jon suggested I write a blog post after we put the baby down for the night. He was all "It doesn't have to be the huge long thing, just write a little something". So there you have it. A little something about my headcold and how much I am acting like a 14-year-old, not a baby. To redeem this entry at least a little, here's a picture of Elliott:

Elliott's first snow
Elliott's First Snow