I wasn't even kidding

When I wrote last about coming unstuck, I really meant it. I quit my job today.

I have been working on making this happen foor quite awhile, saving up money and wavering back and forth as to whether I could even do it. And now that I have gone ahead and ripped the proverbial bandaid off, it feels like such an enormous relief. There are still petty politics to figure out, but I set my last day at May 31st.

While it was an incredibly INCREDIBLY (shall I emphasize this some more? *INCREDIBLY*) difficult decision, it had to be done and now it is. I will be a full-time student for the next year working on a paper for my degree that I plan to co-author with our director of international business programs and then publish. I'm also going for an ethics fellowship.

Most of all, though, I will have lots more time to play with wool. :) You couldn't see that coming at *all*, could you now? At least, I would be playing with wool if I could get it to fucking behave already. Witness Exhibit A of my own stupidity:

These are two Stormy Sky Stormy Sea singles attempting to be plied by yours truly. The problem? I spun one in one direction (let's call it S for fun) and the other in another direction (let's call that Z for continuity's sake). Why won't they ply? Why? WHY?? Well, because when you ply two singles together, you *ply* in the opposite direction that the single was spun. You do not *spin* the singles in different directions (which direction would you then ply? See the conundrum?).

A distance shot of the same disaster:

But aren't they such pretty bobbins?

That's the only reason I didn't take a match to the damn things.