The Kill of the Yarn Predator

Please note: The following story is true. All photos were taken surrounding the bed in the master bedroom, where the prey was offered up to the animals at the apex of the pyramid in the dead of night. This could happen to you!

This is the culprit:

She looks nice, doesn't she? Just a little furry kitty to pet and love. Until she gets The Look!

Every night, she leaves offerings of wool around (and sometimes in) our bed. She is a talented huntress preying on the rovings and yarn and knitting in her kingdom.

Looks innocent enough until you are faced with the true scope of her abilities...

When she ran out of little bits of stray roving (she used to bring us long trails of it until I learned to hide it), she unleashed the big guns.

She turned to finished objects and swatches:

And finally, when she ran out of all else, she turned to handspun...

Here is the beast herself, passing last night's kill. Will she ever be satisfied???

Only time will tell...