A Time of Change

My last two days at work are Tuesday and Wednesday. My predominant thought right now? "What the flying fudge [sic]* was I thinking?!?!?!"

Suddenly, after so many months of convincing myself that this was the right decision (and it is, I know it is) I am suddenly consumed with self-doubt. Will I have to go back to work in a couple of months? Will I be able to find another job before I finish my degree? Will Jon and I have to resort to panhandling at a downtown freeway exit?**

It's not just the sudden (perceived) insecurity, it's also that I am leaving daily conversations with some of the coolest people I know. Of course, there are still the things that I left the job over (and it really doesn't look like they will ever be resolved), but I will miss the goofy group of geeks that I've come to love over the past three years. Will I be able to stay in touch? I'm enough of an adult to realize that the friendships won't stay the same, they will change with the new situation, but I'll miss the way they are now.

So what does a panic-stricken fiber fiend do on a friday night when she's feeling up poop [sic] creek without a paddle? She dies a fudgeton [sic] of wool, that's what.

Behold! A pound of brown blue-faced Leicester roving dyed in teal, cranberry and rust! The plan was to have this turn out mostly teal, but the cranberry and rust won the day. I also did a batch of icicle (just to see if I like it); that's it in the middle there. I hate the feel, but it takes color wonderfully. Then I did 4 oz of a Bearfoot-like blend that I can't wait to make into socks!!

*Won't anyone think of the children??

**This is not even a remote possibility, but that's where my mind goes...


Last but not at all least, I bring you: When bird dogs and inbreeding collide!

Use your words, Oslo!