Climbing back out

Hi folks,

I feel I owe this blog a post. It's been more than 2 weeks. This last couple of weeks have been tough, but I feel like I am beginning to be able to see the other side. Not to pile on, but my grandma (last of the grandparents) passed away, which is not such a bad thing in and of itself (she had a bit of a mean streak) but it meant that my family was once again grieving and I had to go down to LA to be with them. I feel bad for not being more sad, but it is how it is. On the good front, a potential job came through, which is fantastic and reassuring. I have an interview tomorrow morning. I remain needing to get the hell out of the house ASAP, but I am very glad to have learned that staying home is not for me now rather than later.

In fiber news, I have been knitting Christmas presents, so no pics there, but I have been spinning, just to keep my mind off all the crap going on. Behold, Mimi:

She's one of the BFL fleeces from last spring that I had sent off to Ozark Carding Mill to be turned into pin-drafted roving. The sheen of this fleece just kills me. I have plans to make the Weekend Pullover by Veronik Avery in the Fall IK with this yarn (if it gauges out right). I think the silvery gray will be beautiful in the pattern...

I also participated in the Spinning Roving Swap. And folks, this is what arrived today direct from the Greatest Swap Partner of All Time, Purlewe!

That's a 4oz each of Spunky Eclectic 80/20 Merino/Silk in "Phenomenon" and South African Fine in "Cool Rain" as well as two patterns, one for a pretty throw pillow and the other a Matthew Shepherd memorial scarf (this pattern made me cry...) as well as some Halloween stickers. To say I was shocked does not even begin to describe it! Thanks Anj!! You seriously made my day.

As we all know, I have a very relaxed dog. Well, I am here to tell you that he is not the only one in this house who is enjoying his afternoon naps on the couch.

This would be Huxley, totally upside-down. The cat police will probably try to confiscate this picture for the obvious harm it does to the Aloof Cat image. Tough cookies, cat police!